Artist: Baran Tokmakoğlu

Exhibition: "Think Nothing"

Technique: Photo Manipulation, Photo Collage 

Curator: Volkan Doğar

Gallery: Çok Çok Gallery 

Dates: 25th September - 25th November

Sponsors: Atölye Pera, Kaya on Cost


"Think Nothing"

“The culture industry perpetually cheats its customers of what it perpetually promises. The promissory note which, with its plots and staging, it draws on pleasure is endlessly prolonged; the promise, which is actually all the spectacle consists of, is illusory: all it actually confirms is that the real point will never be reached, that the diner must be satisfied with the menu”. Adorno

Baran Tokmakoğlu shares the portrait series gathered using photo manipulation technique and collage with the viewers in his Think Nothing series. The echoes of mass media, culture industry and consumption culture in the society are dragged the art of Tokmakoğlu to another aspect. More conceptual artworks specific to postmodern culture in which various disciplines such as performance, video, cinema and photography are used and nested within each other are displayed on the walls of galleries for a long time. The fact that Tokmakoğlu producing works in the fields of painting, photography and cinema makes him successful in the photo manipulation technique that he used in his first personal exhibition. 

With Think Nothing series exhibited at Çok Çok Gallery, Tokmakoğlu creates a new body by combining animal and human parts with manipulation. For Tokmakoğlu, the nature undergoing manipulation is only possible with the degeneration of the modern man. Ideological, sociological, and psychological manipulations introduced by the modern life bring along the intervention to the nature just like in every aspect of life. Avoiding facing its own social exposure, the mankind sustains the life with manipulations. Tokmakoğlu’s this critical collage technique makes you think: “Think, think again before you have nothing left.”

Volkan Doğar



Baran Tokmakoğlu

After graduating from the department of plastic arts and pursuing works in the fields of painting, photography and cinema, Baran Tokmakoğlu continues to work as a freelance artist in Istanbul.

Exhibition Contributions 

-Külah Karaköy - Klup Kulah "God Save The Porn", 2014

-ALAN Istanbul, “Woman; Beautiful but Alone”, 2012 

-PASAJist, "Letter Exhibition", Istanbul, 2011

-Mtaär,"Horaley", Istanbul, 2009 

-KargART, Kargaşa 9 "Hack'leyin", Istanbul, 2009

-Horaley / January 2009 

-Trend Show'09 - Taksim Metro Station, “Farka Saygı”, Istanbul, 2008 

-Harbiye Museum, “Kanserli Çocuklara Umut Vakfı Yararına Bağış Sergisi”, Istanbul, 2008 

-KargART, Kargaşa 8 “Ortama Karışık”, Istanbul 2008 - Galerie Christine Colas, Paris, 2006 

-66th State Exhibition on Paintings & Sculptures, Ankara, 2005

-"Empty Area" Exhibition, Yeditepe University Gallery of Thinking Cube, Istanbul, 2004