An Open Secret of Beyoglu, Istanbul:
Thai Cuisine that You may not have ever experienced before...

The name Çok Çok* precisely captures the wide variety of flavours found in each dish of this much talk-about restaurant. Established since 2006, it has fast gained followers both local and foreign.

The fresh spices and herbs used in the cooking, purely Thai and South East Asian, relate back to the Silk Route that once connected with Istanbul where the restaurant is now located.

Cok Cok Exterior.jpg


çokçok the successful purveyor of Thai cuisine in Istanbul continues to attract gastronomes in search of adventure and novelty to the eclectic Pera district in Beyoğlu.



In Pera district çokçok delights the eye as well as the palate with interior space that reflects Thai customs in a style of casual chic. And Its flawless courteous service within tradition of Far Eastern hospitality.



The unique and remarkable cocktail menu is an experience in itself. One sip from the exclusive combinations of exotic fruits and vegtables will take you from the heart of the city to a whole other world.